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Workflow Designer

Design and Create rich interactive workflows, processes & procedures with the FREE Workflow Designer!

Workflow Connect

Publish, Manage and Control  your workflows, procedures, data, documentation and supporting information for staff and clients.

FlowBiz Automation

Reduce workplace complexity, improve data capture and distribution and increase control of work and predictability of outcomes.

FlowBiz Training

Learn Workflow and Profit! FlowBiz provides training courses on all of it’s products, including Workflow Designer, book your place today!

Choose how you want to take control of your business!

Understanding that one size does not fit all business, FlowBiz offers:


3+ Award Winning Products

Workflow DesignerDesign Workflows and Streamlined Business Processes with Workflow Designer


Workflow ConnectConnect, Collate and Collaborate with People, Processes, Information and Data using Workflow Connect.

Workflow Connect + Business Modules- Manage and Control your business with our suite of pre-built Business Management Modules for Workflow Connect.

FlowBiz Automation – Automate Workflows and Business Processes to reduce workplace complexity, improve data capture and distribution and increase control of work.

3 Industry Leading Services

FlowBiz Support  – FlowBiz have a full featured helpdesk system, with dedicated support staff ready to take your call and advance your case from report to resolution.

FlowBiz Training & Education – Education Is of paramount importance to FlowBiz, we have a full program of training and education for all of our products.

FlowBiz Professional Services – Our dedicated team of internal consultants as well as a network of affiliates can assist you with your Workflow and Business Process Management requirements.

Workflow Designer

Create rich interactive workflows, processes & SOP’s with the FREE Workflow Designer – Rated by CNET as SPECTACULAR and 5 stars! Workflow Designer has features and benefits not found in other tools such as Smart draw, Visio and better still it is absolutely FREE!

Ask any person tasked with creating workflows, process maps, procedures, mind maps or other visuals along with supporting text how frustrating it is to constantly have to copy and paste between applications for graphics and the text now Workflow Designer solves this and many many other problems including easy publishing on-line without any IT involvement. Workflow Designer works seamlessley wiht Workflow Automation and Workflow Connect.

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Workflow Connect

Utilizing FlowBiz Workflow Connect ensures that management and control is maintained over all Workflow Procedures and supporting information, data and documentation.

Use Workflow Connect for compliance, safety, quality, risk systems and as a stepping stone to FlowBiz Workflow Automation.

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Workflow Connect + Business Modules

FlowBiz has a range of pre-built business management software modules it has developed with leading Industry experts that work on the FlowBiz Technology Platform which drives both FlowBiz Automation and Workflow Connect.

CRM, Help Desk, Risk Mangement, Compliance Auditing and Complaints Handling are just a few. In fact almost any function you would find in a traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is available for either plug and play deployment or rapid development and implementation.

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FlowBiz Automation

Avoiding delays and getting things right first time is something you think about daily. FlowBiz Workflow Automation is a solution that reduces workplace complexity, improves data capture and distribiution and increases control of the work.

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FlowBiz Support

The FlowBiz support system is designed for customers and partners. Contact us today if you have forgotten your login details or to get your account setup and operational.

FlowBiz software support is a cost-effective and efficient way to access responsive, technical support from anywhere in the world. And, it provides prompt responses to your questions.

FlowBiz practice what we preach, we use our own systems to provide a comprehensive and workflow controlled helpdesk  ticket / case management experience. From the moment your submit your case through to resolution and follow up your case will be managed with the utmost of professionalism and care.

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FlowBiz Training & Education

There are a variety of ways your organisation can benefit from our years of experience in Workflow and Business Process Management. Our training programs range from instructor-led classroom style training through to one on one on-site / on system training to maximise the value realised from your deployments.

There are a variety of incentives and assistance programs available through the government and FlowBiz is constantly in touch with the relevant government agencies involved. Contact Us today to see if you could be learning about Workflow and Business Process Improvement from our professional trainers for a whole lot less.

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FlowBiz Professional Services

FlowBiz Professional Services engages highly knowledgeable staff who have proven ability to lead in any implementation regardless of the size of the organisation.

The Business Analysis team members are chosen based on skill, knowledge, reputation, ethics, and creativity as well as their ability to implement and integrate existing systems into the FlowBiz system. With the FlowBiz Professional services team you are dealing with FlowBiz employees who have been trained by FlowBiz and haven’t just read the manual.

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